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Assignment – Write My Paper Today

Assignment – Write My Paper Today

Orleck Download Orleck

  1. What were the goals of these young women?
  2. What types of ideas inspired them?
  3. What were some experiences in activism of 1 or more women?
  4. What types of education, formal or informal, did these women seek?

Peiss Download Peiss

5. Describe the social world for young women at this period.

  1. What is the new dating style at this time?
  2. Explain how the author discusses morality in this article.

“Harriet Brunkhurst on the Home Problems of “Business Girls”  Download “Harriet Brunkhurst on the Home Problems of “Business Girls”  

8. What type of conflicts arise at home for the ‘business girl’ and why?

9. What is your opinion of one or more of thes

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