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Clinical Evaluation at Prairie St. John’s Hospital

Clinical Evaluation at Prairie St. John’s Hospital

Clinical Evaluation at Prairie St. John’s Hospital

CLINICAL evaluation AT THE MENTAL health hospital

Write a 1-page paper

Write a one page CLINICAL evaluation on what you saw AT THE MENTAL health HOSPITAL? (PRAIRIE ST. JOHN’S HOSPITAL)

(Here is a note on what I saw) my Patient has BEHAVIOURAL AND EMOTIONAL DISORDERS IN CHILDREN, verbally abusive, pissing, refused her meds, calling nursing staff all kinds of bad name and wanting to get into a fight another resident,

Base on this just write 1-page clinical evaluations.



BEHAVIOURAL AND EMOTIONAL DISORDERS IN CHILDREN, In addition, tell me why it is an interest to you.

· Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.)

· Professional organization, style, and mechanics in APA format

· APA format and in-text citation

· 1 References – must contain at least 1 professional references, published within the past 5 years


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Upon observation at Prairie St. John’s Hospital, I encountered a patient exhibiting significant behavioral and emotional disturbances, particularly indicative of behavioral and emotional disorders in children. The patient demonstrated verbally abusive behavior towards nursing staff, refused medication, and displayed a propensity for aggression towards other residents. These behaviors suggest underlying psychological distress and challenges in emotional regulation.

The patient’s refusal of medication may indicate resistance to treatment or difficulty in managing symptoms associated with their disorder. Verbal aggression and attempts to incite physical altercations with peers highlight potential interpersonal difficulties and maladaptive coping mechanisms. Additionally, the patient’s use of derogatory language towards nursing staff may stem from feelings of frustration, powerlessness, or underlying trauma.

In assessing the patient’s behavior, it is essential to consider potential contributing factors, such as past traumatic experiences, family dynamics, and environmental stressors. Collaborative efforts between psychiatric and behavioral health professionals are crucial to develop a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to address the patient’s unique needs. This may include psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, and behavioral interventions aimed at promoting emotional regulation and enhancing coping skills.

Furthermore, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for the patient and their peers is paramount. Implementing behavioral management strategies, such as de-escalation techniques and conflict resolution skills, can help mitigate potential risks of harm to self and others. Close monitoring of the patient’s symptoms and progress is necessary to adjust treatment interventions as needed and promote positive outcomes in their recovery journey.

Overall, the clinical evaluation underscores the complexity of managing behavioral and emotional disorders in children within a mental health hospital setting. It highlights the importance of a multidisciplinary approach, compassionate care, and evidence-based interventions to support patients in achieving optimal mental health and well-being.

Title: Understanding Behavioral and Emotional Disorders in Children

Behavioral and emotional disorders in children are of particular interest to me due to their profound impact on the individual’s development, functioning, and overall quality of life. These disorders encompass a broad range of conditions, including disruptive behavior disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and neurodevelopmental disorders like attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Understanding these disorders is essential for early identification, intervention, and support, as they can significantly impair social, academic, and familial functioning if left untreated. Additionally, addressing behavioral and emotional disorders in children promotes resilience and facilitates healthy coping strategies, laying the foundation for positive mental health outcomes in adulthood.

Research indicates that early intervention and evidence-based treatment approaches can effectively manage symptoms and improve long-term outcomes for children with these disorders (Egger & Angold, 2006). Therefore, advancing knowledge in this area allows for the development of targeted interventions tailored to address the unique needs of each child, fostering their emotional well-being and promoting their overall success.

Moreover, advocating for increased awareness, access to mental health services, and destigmatization of childhood mental health issues is crucial for promoting a supportive and inclusive society. By addressing behavioral and emotional disorders in children, we can empower individuals to thrive and contribute positively to their communities, ultimately fostering a brighter future for generations to come.

Reference: Egger, H. L., & Angold, A. (2006). Common emotional and behavioral disorders in preschool children: Presentation, nosology, and epidemiology. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 47(3-4), 313–337.


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