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create your own talent management model

create your own talent management model

  • Several models and components of talent management are presented in Chapter 1 of the Strategy-Driven Talent Management textbook. Using these as a foundation, create your own talent management model ( should be at least 4)   I have included an example model but you must create your own!
  • , including its components and the evaluation methods that would demonstrate that this model is effective in your organization.







talent Management Model:

  • Planning According to the needs- To see what the company needs are by setting up ways to attract, identify, and maintain their leadership abilities within the workforce which will be the main focus of what the company needs will be. Identify their human capital recruitment.
  • Attract the top candidates for the company to make sure the candidates have all the skills that is needed for them to perform the job responsibilities and test their skills by interviews. For a company to run successful you have to make sure that they are hiring the best suitable candidates for the positions.  This process will include orientation and onboarding  programs and it can also help with the current employees to help them enhance their skills.
  • Retain the valued of the employees-This process will help with the current employees by making sure  you have the right person for the job it would help enhance their development so they can achieve their goals in which it would cut back on employee turnovers within the company.
  • Assessment- I would suggest that the HR  Department fro the company make sure that they get some kind of HR software tool to help them access their companies capability so they can maintain their goals.  Once that is up and running then a regular follow-up will be done so they can keep track of the development of their employees that way it can help the employer with something that they are missing when it comes to their employees growth with the company (Silzer, 2010).  With these components I think it would be effective in the organization.

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