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describe transportation and logistics management or business concepts

describe transportation and logistics management or business concepts

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Please answer original forum with a minimum of 250 words and respond to both students separately with a minimum of 100 words each

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second page Michael response with references

third page Joshua response with references

Original Forum

In the process of selecting previous coursework for revision (in support of this week’s Assignment), please expound on at least three lessons learned from the process.  For example, describe transportation and logistics management or business concepts you now understand better or could apply better.

Student Responses


While reviewing and selecting previous course work for inclusion in my portfolio project, I have gained a better understanding of my own interests, and how the study of transportation and logistics management fits into those interests.

First, I have come to understand that my interest in transportation and logistics rests on a foundational interest in national security. This makes sense to me, because my interest in logistical concepts first developed as I was seeking a path forward in the military. During my studies at AMU, I have generally gravitated toward learning about transportation and logistics concepts connected with great power competition.

Second, I have learned that the connections between national security and transportation and logistics are not merely a set of concepts that I have over-emphasized to make my studies more interesting for myself. Rather these concepts are deeply connected as the flow of goods is essential to developing and maintaining national power and security in times of both war and peace.

Finally, in focusing on the connection between these concepts, I have come to realize how influential transportation and logistics considerations can be on the development of human history. Leaning back on my undergraduate studies in history, I have been able to set ongoing developments related to transportation and logistics into a historical context, and to understand their implications in connection with national security. Major historical events, from the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 to the opening of Japan to trade with the west, along with countless similar examples, significantly altered global logistics in either a restrictive or permissive manner, ultimately bearing major implications for national and global security. This perspective underscores the massive significance of recent trade wars, sanctions, and investments in foreign infrastructure development, and the impact of such actions on global transportation and logistics.

While I have naturally enjoyed synthesizing such knowledge over the course of my studies, I am still not sure how to best utilize such a portfolio in my professional pursuits. I would love to integrate such knowledge wherever possible into my military career. This on its own would be well worth the time and effort involved in building this knowledge base. However, I feel that this information could be of use in career fields outside of the military as well. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions in this regard?


Over the course of the program one of the things I have learned is all the different tools for financial management and business finance tools. When pulling the material together for the portfolio I found it interesting looking back a few years ago to see how I have grown and the challenges I overcame. Also, over the years I had posted some of the final products on my social media and submitted the work to potential employers to showcase my work quality. But, overall three lessons learned while working on the portfolio were;

  • Presentation – I learned that all my previous course work should be on my professional and educational social sites. This will show people that are interested in my background what type of work I have done and what type of skills I possess (even if at the neophyte level).
  • Tools – As I was looking through the documents, I realized over the years that I have learned there are many tools online either paid for or free that will assist me in the workplace now. Also, the products are already developed so it’s something I do not have to do while at work.  Some of the tools I learned about I have even presented to leadership to review to see if they would be interested in using as a finance product.
  • Reflection – Pulling the products together I was able to think of the challenges I had on some of the products because I did not have the knowledge.  It was these challenges that I feel made me more knowledgeable in finance and the challenges are what I was most interested in when initially applying to the MBA.

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