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Enhancing Healthcare Policy Advocacy Organizational Awareness and Patient Safety

Enhancing Healthcare Policy Advocacy Organizational Awareness and Patient Safety

Your initial/original responses to the discussion questions need to show your understanding of the content being discussed. You may use your e-text as a reference you must use APA formatting when citing references. I would suggest you try to relate “real world” experiences as much as possible to the discussions 


Write a response to one (or all if you wish) for the following discussion questions:

Discussion 1

What health care policy do you feel needs to be revised? What will you do to help promote change?

Discussion 2

Should we care about a policy change if the change does not apply to the department? Why or Why not?

Discussion 3 

Why should a hospital have policies and what value are they?



**Discussion 1:**


One healthcare policy that I believe needs to be revised is the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. While the ACA has made significant strides in expanding healthcare coverage and access to millions of Americans, there are areas where it can be improved to better address the needs of both patients and healthcare providers. One specific aspect that requires revision is the affordability of healthcare premiums and out-of-pocket costs for individuals and families. Despite the subsidies provided under the ACA, many individuals still struggle to afford their healthcare expenses, especially those who fall into the middle-income bracket and do not qualify for financial assistance.


To promote change in revising the ACA, I would engage in advocacy efforts aimed at raising awareness about the challenges faced by individuals and families due to high healthcare costs. This may involve collaborating with healthcare advocacy groups, writing letters to elected officials, participating in community forums, and using social media platforms to amplify the voices of those impacted by the current healthcare system. Additionally, I would work towards building consensus among stakeholders, including policymakers, healthcare providers, insurers, and patient advocacy organizations, to develop policy solutions that address the shortcomings of the ACA while preserving its positive aspects.


**Discussion 2:**


Yes, we should care about a policy change even if it does not directly apply to our department. Policies within a healthcare organization are interconnected, and changes in one area can have ripple effects throughout the entire organization. While a policy change may not directly impact our department, it could still affect other departments or the organization as a whole, which could ultimately impact our work environment, workflow, or resources.


Furthermore, policies are often reflective of larger organizational values, priorities, and goals. Even if a policy change does not directly affect our department, it may signal a shift in organizational culture or strategic direction that could impact us indirectly in the future. By staying informed and engaged in discussions about policy changes, we can better anticipate potential implications for our department and advocate for our interests or concerns as needed.


**Discussion 3:**


Hospital policies serve several important purposes and provide value to both the organization and its stakeholders. Firstly, policies establish clear guidelines, procedures, and expectations for healthcare providers, staff, and patients, promoting consistency, efficiency, and accountability in the delivery of care. By standardizing practices and protocols, policies help ensure quality and safety in healthcare delivery, reducing the risk of errors, adverse events, and litigation.


Secondly, hospital policies help maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and accreditation standards set forth by governing bodies such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and The Joint Commission (TJC). By aligning with these standards, hospitals demonstrate their commitment to providing high-quality care and maintaining patient safety, which is essential for maintaining licensure, accreditation, and eligibility for reimbursement.


Additionally, hospital policies promote transparency and communication among stakeholders by clearly outlining rights, responsibilities, and expectations for all parties involved. Patients and their families can have confidence in the care they receive knowing that it is guided by established policies and procedures designed to promote their well-being and protect their rights.


Overall, hospital policies play a critical role in ensuring operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and patient safety, thereby contributing to the overall effectiveness and reputation of the healthcare organization.

Enhancing Healthcare Policy Advocacy Organizational Awareness and Patient Safety


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