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Exp22_word_ch01_cumulative_agriculture | Computer Science homework help

Exp22_word_ch01_cumulative_agriculture | Computer Science homework help

Exp22_word_ch01_cumulative_agriculture | Computer Science homework help



Project Description:

As a student assistant in the Office of Academic Programs, you are charged with finalizing a one-page summary of a program change for your university. You will use styles and columns to format and arrange text. In addition, a watermark and document properties identify the document’s ownership and subject matter.


Start Word. Download and open   the file named Exp22_Word_Ch01_Cumulative_Agriculture.docx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename.


Display nonprinting characters.   Insert text from Careers.docx in   the blank paragraph at the end of the document.


Scroll to the top of page 1.   Apply Heading 2 style to the paragraph heading ABOUT. Apply Heading 2 style to the paragraph headings RESEARCH and CAREERS. Modify the Heading 2 style to a font color of Black,   Text 1 (row 1, column 2) and a font size of 16.


Apply Title style to the report   heading CAREER FOCUS and center the   heading. Insert a hard return after the report heading and type Agriculture in Your Future. (Do not type the period.)


Apply Book Title style to the   subheading Agriculture in Your Future.   Change the font size of the subheading to 14.


Select all report text from ABOUT through the end of the document.   Do not select the two heading lines. Change the number of columns to 2.   Ensure that a line displays between the columns.


Insert a Column break before the   RESEARCH heading near the end of the left   column.


Change the document theme to   Facet. Change the theme colors to Grayscale.
If the theme is not available, browse for the downloaded theme file Facet.thmx.


An informal document like a   flyer often includes a page border for a bit of color and style.
Add a Shadow page border, selecting the first line style (single solid). The   color is Gray, Accent 4 (row 1, column 8), and the line weight is 1 1/2 pt.   Apply the page border to the whole document.


Include a custom watermark with   the text UAC. (Do not type the period.) The watermark should be horizontal.


Replace all occurrences of Department of Agricultural Science with   Department   of Agricultural Economics. (Do not include the period.) Two replacements should be made.


Find the word production. Delete the word in that precedes the word production.


Check the word count. If the   number of words is greater than 400, change the first paragraph heading from ABOUT to ABOUT US. However, make that change only   if the word count exceeds 400.


Check the document for spelling   and grammatical errors. Ignore all refinement concerns such as conciseness.


Modify document properties to   include Shazad Chabil as the author, replacing any existing author. Include a Subject   of Agriculture   degree.


Save and close Exp22_Word_Ch01_Cumulative_Agriculture.docx.   Exit Word. Submit the file as directed.

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