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Global Compact for Migration- Implementation and Challenges

Global Compact for Migration- Implementation and Challenges


Background Of Global Compact For Migration

Distinguish The Concept Of Globalization From That Of Regionalization And Internationalization.

What Do You Understand By The Westphalian Constitution Of World Order?

Why Is Global Politics Today More Accurately Described As Distorted Global Politics?

Outline The Principal Causes Of Globalization.

Review The Sceptical Argument And Critically Evaluate It.

What Are The Principal Characteristics Of The Post-Westphalian Order?

Identify Some Of The Key Elements Of Political Globalization.


In order to maintain all modes of international migration through holistic and comprehensive approach, the United Nations had developed Global Compact for Migration (GCM) through intergovernmental manner of negotiation. Based on the part of the compact more that 258 million individuals are living outside their native country. Even the present state shows that the figure is expected to rise in the near future.

The following essay holds the statistics and the terms and measures which influenced to pick up certain strategically measured steps for the implementation of the policy. Moreover the essay also hold information regarding the stakeholders and shows up the causes regarding lack of implementation of the policy.

In the year 2016, the act came into implementation on 19thof September. The policy was brought into act when anonymous declaration called by New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants. The certain declaration was aimed towards seeking more cooperation from other nations as well, which might support more migration between countries, which may help in managing more migration. By the year of 2017, on 6thApril UN General Assembly decide certain modification and modalities which included consultations from April-November 2017, Stocktaking from December17-January-18 and intergovernmental negotiations February-July 2018. March 09 2017, witnessed Louise Arbour as special representative towards international migration as appointed by UN General Secretary which asked him to bring upon conversation with nations and stakeholders to promote the contact. By 2018 December, the compact was agreed by 164 nations during the intergovernmental conference which agreed to a much safe, orderly and regular migration. By 19thDecember 2018 a voting session was conducted by United Nations General Assembly to endorse the compact. Above all 152 nations came up to endorse it by voting in favour of the compact while five nations, which included Hungary, United States, Israel, Poland and Czech Republic voted against the resolution. Apart from all these 12 countries were absent during the vote (, 2020).

It is focused on principles of state sovereignty, shared responsibility, anti-discrimination and human rights, and acknowledges that a co-operative approach is necessary to maximize the general benefits of migration, whereas the Global Compact for Migratory Migration is the first ever global consensus of the UN on a common approach for international migration in all its aspects.The compact includes 23 targets for better local, national, regional and international migration management. The compact: aims to mitigate the adverse commuters and societal inequalities that prevent people in their countries of origin from building and preserving viable livelihoods. It also focuses on protecting migrants from different steps of vulnerability and risk management that the migrants face by honoring, fulfilling and respecting their public rights by caring and assisting them during their stay. Moreover, it aims in creating conditions suitable for their conduction and collaboration and allows them to act and show productive approach to our society. Thus, helps in facilitating their contributions to sustainable development at the local, national, regional and global levels (, 2020).

Principles And Targets Of The Compact

The global health policy that has been structured for the migratory residents of distressed countries to seek solace in developed countries. It is developed keeping in mind the stress of the individuals who have been displaced from their country of origin because of the sudden onset of war (Squire 2019). Hence, the developed countries took an initiative on humanitarian ground to provide relief to the individuals and a safe haven to reside until the war subsides. However, there are certain countries which have asserted that including refugees in their population have been creating a threat to their sovereignty. During the meet in Morocco of the countries which had initially agreed with the agreement have been putting forward their concerns on keeping their ethnicity intact (Behrman and Kent 2018). Despite the policy guidelines suggesting that an individual is liable to stay in the country of rehabilitation until the situation in the country of origin improves, there are incidences where people have been dislocated without proper cooperation from their birth country. Hence, in these situations, there is a clear breach in the agreement and appropriate consequences need to be ensued. In addition to this issue, the detention of the migrants in the country is another incident which should have been given careful attention because of the regular influx of migrants from different countries. There are incidences of criminal gangs using the context of migratory residents to evade from the police authorities and find solace in other countries. It is required for the policymakers to ensure the inclusion of a criteria such that their influx is stopped (Carroll 2019). It is observed that around 2.5 million smugglers have been smuggled to maintain the economy of the country of 5.7 billion. This huge amount of money for the economy is obtained from smugglers for which stringent laws need to be incorporated into the system such that the prevalence of the activities is maintained (Teti et al. 2020). After the agreement had been signed, there also have been higher percentages of corruption and lesser innovation on the research front of healthcare. Hence, in these cases, it is ideal for the stakeholders and policymakers to meet and acknowledge the concerns that are being experienced by the countries under the scanner. It is after this only that a refined policy should be implemented by the governments of the country and increase the probability of migration to other countries.

In conclusion, it can be understood that after the Global Compact of Migration has been implemented by the countries, there has been increasing inclusion of migrants from economically-torn countries for solace and generate a better quality of living. However, there have been certain downgrades for such a policy like the influx of criminal gangs and increasing rates of corruption. Hence, in these situations, it is the responsibility of the origin country and the migrating country to form a pact and increase their border security such that the prevalence of the activity is reduced.


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Global Compact for Migration- Implementation and Challenges


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