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NEED DISCUSSION IN 15 HOURS or LESS – Write My Paper Today

NEED DISCUSSION IN 15 HOURS or LESS – Write My Paper Today

Take the time to provide constructive feedback to at least one of your classmate’s post. Feel free to discuss any interesting points in the article or about the problem in general. It is ok to have interesting side conversations that relate to the topic at hand.

                                                                     CLASSMATE’S POST

Goal:  This program is to assist post-divorce mothers on life adjustments due to decrease/loss of financial obligations not being met by the other parent.  If qualified, a stipend for education, job search/placement, and quality of life assistance.

Outcome 1:  Receive evaluation via court documents and social services to qualify for assistance.

Outcome 2:  Receive services in education. GED, High, Vocational

Outcome 3:  Receive services toward job placement as in resume, clothing, interview reviews. Also includes locate childcare assistance amiable to job.

Outcome 4:  Receive focused emotional and mental counseling as a requirement to qualify for stipend/assistance.

Kirkpatrick Scale

Lvl 1, Reaction:  I would provide a survey and follow up face to face if requested.  I want to get a grasp on adapting the qualification process and standards.  Is the education level received match their desire and did the education establishment meet their job placement? If so, were the resume lessons, clothing, and interview practices meet what they wanted?  If needed, was the job amiable to your childcare needs?  Lastly, I would want to know if the counseling services stayed on track of providing antistress practices.

Lvl 2, Learning:  Administer an aptitude test on current knowledge and skills adding a job preference.  A post education learning review to determine if more or different type of education/training is needed.

Lvl 3, Behavior:  A tell-tale is a positive environment and vibe.  Counseling on emotional and mental stressors is guided to improved feelings of oneself and the environment around them.  Changing a mindset to impossible to viable/achievement.  Weekly meetings with counselors to ensure attendance, review progress in mindset, and adjust in program as needed.

Lvl 4, Results: Review goals stated are being met.  Participant are satisfied with education and assisted to meet their job of preference.  Employer is amiable to childcare adaptations.  The focused counseling aided into a more positive mindset.

A foreseeable battle will be annual funding from federal, state, donations, or combinations of them.

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