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Nurses’ Safety Measures When Administering Medications and EHR System Safety Measures

Nurses’ Safety Measures When Administering Medications and EHR System Safety Measures


Students will identify and evaluate nurses’ safety measures when administering medications at a specific healthcare facility. Each student will also evaluate an EHR system’s safety measures at one healthcare facility. Students will prepare a Powerpoint to present details of the assignments in no more than 20-25 minutes. Students should follow the assignment rubric the instructor provided to complete the assignment.


Overview of hospital, bed, capacity and services

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDescription of Safety Measures Used by Nurses When Administering Medications

Description of Safety Measures Used Within an EHR System

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeEvaluation of Safety Measures Used by Nurses and Within an EHR System

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePresentation/Writing Mechanics and Formatting Guidelines



  1. Overview of the Healthcare Facility

An overview of the nurse’s work routine is a must to understand and view the nurses’ safety measures when administering medications and the EHR system safety measures wholly. The nurses at this facility are given patients to manage for specific shifts that include morning shift (7am-2pm), afternoon shift (2pm-9pm), and night shift (9pm-7am). Usually, there will be an average of 6 patients per nurse as our bed capacity is 25. During the mentioned shift times, nurses will have their main jobs such as wound dressings, management of leg ulcers and post-operative wounds, and medication rounds.

The healthcare facility is a general inpatient unit for acute and chronic medical conditions. The bed capacity is 25 beds with 5-6 side rooms. The services that are provided by the facility include dispensing and administering medications, wound care for acute and chronic conditions, and also managing wounds of post-operative patients from general surgical, orthopedic, and colorectal surgery. Other than that, leg ulcer management is also provided by the facility, which includes compression bandaging and ulcer assessment.

1.1. Hospital Description

The current essay is focused on the nurses’ medication safety measures and EHR system to prevent medication errors. Adelaide Hospital is a small community hospital in the south of Australia. Physicians working in the University of Adelaide and Flinders University Adelaide have admitting rights to the hospital. Most of the patients in Adelaide Hospital were referred by the physicians from University Adelaide because it is a teaching hospital. Adelaide Hospital is divided into 6 units. Unit A is the Medical Unit, Unit B and C are Surgical Units, Unit D is the Integrated Maternal and Child Health Unit, Unit E is the Mental Health Unit, and Unit F is the Outpatient Unit. This essay is not only describing the systems or how the nurses can prevent medication errors, but the essay is also providing the specific instructions or steps that the nurses can do to prevent the errors and the EHR system itself. Adelaide Hospital is a teaching hospital with 230 beds. This hospital provides full internet access to the allusion healthcare software, whereas it is the EHR system that creates electronic medication administration record (eMAR) and several clinical information systems. EHR is a secure, interactive, and permanent tool which can make collaboration of healthcare providers easier and efficient for the patient in obtaining the best care. Measures to ensure that patients get the best care provided by nurses who are aware of the needs of the patient, safety, and how to achieve the best care. The error in giving medication to the patient here is something that is undesirable. The hospital is trying to resolve the problems frequent incidents of drug administration to the wrong patient or wrong medication dose for because nurses are less emphasis on patient data recorded in the medical record and less oversight of the doctor to give a prescription.

1.2. Bed Capacity

The facility is composed of several buildings in close proximity and connected by a series of hallways. The East Hospital was constructed in 1994, and has 107 acute care beds. In 2004, the West Hospital was built, and increased total bed capacity to 239 acute care beds. During the past several years, the West Hospital has become home to several clinical areas, to include the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit, Neurology/Neurosurgery/ENT clinics, Ophthalmology, Vascular, and Urology services with plans for further expansions and relocations in the near future.

1.3. Services Provided

Overview of the Healthcare Facility Hospital Description Bed Capacity Services Provided

  1. Safety Measures Used by Nurses When Administering Medications

2.1. Medication Verification Process

2.2. Proper Dosage Calculation

2.3. Checking for Allergies and Adverse Reactions

2.4. Monitoring Patient Vital Signs

2.5. Documentation of Medication Administration

  1. Safety Measures Used Within an EHR System

3.1. User Authentication and Access Control

3.2. Data Encryption and Security

3.3. Audit Trails for Tracking System Activities

3.4. Error Prevention and Alerts

3.5. Regular System Updates and Maintenance

  1. Evaluation of Safety Measures Used by Nurses and Within an EHR System

4.1. Effectiveness of Medication Safety Measures

4.2. Identification of Potential Risks and Hazards

4.3. Comparison of Safety Measures with Industry Standards

4.4. Feedback from Nurses and Healthcare Providers

4.5. Recommendations for Improvement


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