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. Planning and Goal Setting

. Planning and Goal Setting

. Planning and Goal Setting
Goals and the Planning ProcessFor an organization to meet its goals in an increasingly complex competitive environment, its managers must develop and implement sound plans. Doing so aligns the organization with its environment and allows it to navigate opportunities and challenges.Mission, Goals, and PlansWhy Managers Set GoalsTypes of GoalsTypes of Plans A diagram illustrates the Planning Process. The Environmental Context comprises The Organization‘s Mission: its Purpose, Premises, Values, and Directions. Strategic goals link to Strategic plans, which then focus on Tactical goals, Tactical plans, followed by Operational goals and Operational plans. •The first step in planning is to define the mission, which states the organization’s purpose, premises, values, and directions.•Next, the manager determines the strategic goals. These give rise to the strategic plans to achieve those goals.•The strategic goals and plans determine the tactical goals. Together with the strategic plans, the tactical goals are inputs to the tactical plans.•Tactical goals and plans in turn determine the operational goals. Then together with the tactical plans, the operational goals become inputs to the operational plans.Select the terms that best complete the following sentences.The goals that are directly based on the strategic goals and plans are the .Strategic plans are directly based on the .Select the correct responses to the following question.Which of the following are reasons that organizations set goals? Check all that apply.To make planning unnecessaryTo prompt managers to make adjustments to improve performanceTo give people in the organization a unifying directionTo aid in measuring resultsSelect the correct response for the following question.Which of the following describes tactical goals?These goals establish the organization’s purpose and describe how the organization is different from others.These goals are set by middle managers, are focused on how to achieve broad goals, and have medium time frames.These goals are set by top management, are broad in scope, and have long time frames.These goals are set by lower-level managers, are specific in scope, and have short time frames.Select the word that best completes each of the following sentences.When middle- and lower-le

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