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Protein Synthesis Project

Protein Synthesis Project



Protein Synthesis Project Name: ___________________________ Per: _____ # Objective To create a model that shows how a cell makes a protein with the amino acid sequence: Met-Arg-Thr-Asp-STOP Product Be as creative as you can! You may choose to model protein synthesis with a picture Book; 3-D Model; Puppet Show; News Report, etc. If you have other ideas, ask your teacher before you begin! NOTE: If your product needs to be demonstrated or performed, you’ll need to videotape a demonstration or videotape your performance. Books should be between 10 and 20 pages, and performances no longer than 4 minutes. Rubric Make sure you read through the rubric CAREFULLY before you begin planning your project. Content Great! OK Poor Product is an accurate model of the following players in protein synthesis: DNA mRNA ribosome (rRNA) tRNA amino acids Product includes the following players in protein synthesis: DNA mRNA ribosome (rRNA) tRNA amino acids Product includes some of the following players in protein synthesis: DNA mRNA ribosome (rRNA) tRNA amino acids Does the OK and identifies how the base pairs match up correct matching DNA sequence for the protein. Identifies the following parts of a aDNA molecule: Nucleotide and its 3 parts The different types of nitrogenous bases Explains why DNA is described as a double helix including what parts make up the sides of the ladder and the steps of the ladder. Is the OK and identify the correct mRNA sequence for the protein sequence? the template strand of DNA. Does the basics and summarizes what is happening in a cell during transcription, including how the matching mRNA is made from the correct DNA sequence. Identifies where transcription happens. Does the OK and: identifies the two main parts of a tRNA and explains how a ribosome (rRNA) makes a protein, including how it knows where to start and stop translating the mRNA. Does the basics and summarizes what is happening in a cell during translation, including how the protein is made from the mRNA sequence Identifies where translation happens. Project Planning Guide (answers to the questions below should be addressed in your project) DIRECTIONS: The questions should be answered when you present your model of protein synthesis. The questions in bold satisfy the requirements for exceeding the standard. 1. What is the amino acid sequence of the protein you need to create for your project? 2. What matching mRNA sequence for the protein do you need to create? 3. What matching DNA sequence for the protein do you need to create? 4. Why is DNA described as a double helix? 5. What part(s) of DNA make up the sides of the ladder? 6. What part(s) of DNA make up the steps of the ladder? 7. What is a nucleotide? 8. What are the 3parts of anucleotide? 9. What are the different nitrogenous bases in DNA? 10. How do the DNA bases match up? 11. What is going on in a cell during the step of transcription during protein synthesis? 12. Where does transcription happen? 13. How is an mRNA molecule made during transcription? 14. What does RNA polymerase do during transcription? 15. What is going on in a cell during the step of translation in protein synthesis? 16. What are the two main parts of a tRNA molecule? 17. What does a tRNA molecule do during translation? 18. How does a ribosome (rRNA) make the protein?

Protein Synthesis Project


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