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Reflection on Justice Kindness and Humility in Personal and Professional Life

Reflection on Justice Kindness and Humility in Personal and Professional Life

Critically reflect on the following:

  • Personal Experience: How have you experienced doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly—either towards you or from you to another person?
  • Faith Perspective: How does your faith inform or provide insights on the values of justice, kindness, and a humble walk with God?
  • Work Itself: What aspects of your job include the contemplation of reason, equity, or deciphering right from wrong? How does your organization’s mission seek to meet customer needs, to help them, to bring them joy?
  • Professional Experiences: Who are the key figures in your personal or professional life, who have demonstrated justice and kindness, and who have a  humility about them that is magnetic?
  • New Knowledge: What have you learned from those key figures? What are ways you can intentionally demonstrate justice and kindness to others while walking humbly?

Then select the “Start a New Thread” button and address each of the following questions:

  1. What?
  2. So what?
  3. Now what?




Personal Experience:

In my personal experience, I’ve both received and practiced justice, loving kindness, and humility in various interactions. I’ve experienced justice when individuals have treated me fairly, whether in resolving conflicts or making decisions that impact me. Acts of loving kindness, such as small gestures of compassion or generosity, have touched me deeply, reminding me of the importance of empathy and care in human relationships. Moreover, encountering individuals who embody humility has been inspiring, as they demonstrate a willingness to listen, learn, and acknowledge their own limitations.


Faith Perspective:

From a faith perspective, values of justice, kindness, and humility are deeply ingrained in my beliefs. My faith teaches me to seek justice for the oppressed, to show kindness to others regardless of their circumstances, and to walk humbly with God, recognizing my own flaws and dependence on His grace. These values guide my actions and interactions, shaping how I engage with others and navigate ethical dilemmas.


Work Itself:

In my job, contemplation of reason, equity, and discerning right from wrong is inherent, particularly in decision-making processes and problem-solving scenarios. As an organization, our mission revolves around meeting customer needs, helping them achieve their goals, and bringing joy through our products or services. This entails ensuring fairness and equity in our interactions with customers, upholding ethical standards in our business practices, and continuously striving to improve the quality of our offerings.


Professional Experiences:

Throughout my career, I’ve encountered key figures who exemplify justice, kindness, and humility in their leadership and interactions with others. These individuals possess a unique blend of integrity, compassion, and humility that is magnetic and inspiring. Their ability to navigate complex situations with grace and wisdom has left a lasting impression on me, shaping my own approach to leadership and relationships.


New Knowledge:

From these key figures, I’ve learned the importance of leading with empathy, integrity, and humility. They have shown me that true leadership is not about exerting power or seeking recognition but about serving others with humility and compassion. Moving forward, I can intentionally demonstrate justice and kindness to others by advocating for fairness, extending grace and compassion, and approaching interactions with humility and openness to learning from others.



Reflecting on personal and professional experiences of justice, kindness, and humility.


So what?

Recognizing the importance of these values in shaping relationships, decision-making, and leadership.


Now what?

Intentionally practicing justice, kindness, and humility in interactions with others, both personally and professionally, to foster a culture of empathy, integrity, and mutual respect.


Reflection on Justice Kindness and Humility in Personal and Professional Life


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