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Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Sources

1. Introduction

‘Electricity’ is also a conventional source of energy. It is said that the commercial energy in India, the people, and also the government are quite dependent on these sources of energy. Also, the use of electricity as a source of energy is around 35% in India, which is quite a lot. But then electricity is usually generated from thermal power plants which use fossil fuels as their source of energy, and it also causes pollution. Another source of energy using electricity is nuclear power, which is said to be very harmful because it can cause serious harm to living beings and the environment if any kind of radiation occurs. These sources of energy are being used a lot, but they are not so environmentally friendly, and they are also non-renewable. That is, once the sources of these energies have finished, they cannot be transformed into the same energy and then used. So, seeing all the environmental damages that are being caused and the rate of usage of the conventional sources of energy, and also these sources are depleting at a very fast rate, there was a need for an alternate source of energy. This is when the idea of renewable energy was looked into.

Energy is the capacity to do work and the ability to make a change. Energy has always been a necessity, and due to development in science and technology, the sources of energy have been changing from time to time. The various sources of energy which we have been using are the conventional sources of energy and non-conventional sources of energy. Conventional sources are the energy obtained from fossil fuels, fossil oil, and even though cheaper and easier to use, they are not so environmentally friendly. The main source of commercial energy is from fossil fuels. It is known to create energy and works as fuel. It is non-renewable and cannot be replaced. This kind of energy was formed millions of years ago when plants and living beings died and got buried under the earth. Due to the earth’s pressure and heat, the plants and animals turned into natural gas, coal, and petroleum, which are now considered valuable sources of energy. Energy obtained from natural gas and coal is also less environmentally friendly because it causes a lot of pollution.

1.1 Definition of Renewable Energy

Energy is one of the most fundamental parts of our universe. At a fundamental level, humans utilize energy to survive; the energetics of life. A vital kind of energy that can be converted and transformed into another kind of energy, renewable energy is a type of energy that can be produced and used again. It is like an infinite resource that provides for our energy needs, with no fear of it running out in the future. Renewable energy is reliable and plentiful and will likely always be around. It is an alternative to the more common fossil fuel-based energy sources in use today. Any source of energy that has an endless supply is a good source to use. Fossil fuel is a depleting resource that will eventually run out and will mean the end of an energy source to power machinery and technology. Times have changed but the energy converted has been less successful. Early man used to get its energy requirements from the Sun in various ways. Renewable energy is a type of energy we should all strive to use for the long-term benefits it provides. An investment in renewable energy will help facilitate a sustainable future for us and our children.

1.2 Importance of Renewable Energy Sources

– Renewable energy sources are endless. By using the energy, we will not reduce the amount of it. This is different from fossil fuels, which have limited reserves and will be depleted at a certain time. – Renewable energy sources have a good prospect in the future. Solar energy can be used to fulfill human needs for power by using solar panels. Indonesia, which is located in the equator area, has a very high potential for solar energy. – Renewable energy sources have a lower negative impact on the environment compared to fossil fuels. The use of renewable energy has been considered to be able to reduce the impacts of global warming and climate changes. Second generation biofuels (biomass energy) can be used to replace the fossil fuels that have been used as transportation fuel. This is because the use of second generation biofuels has a lower cost compared to the first generation. – The third point of the importance of renewable energy sources is energy independence. Most of the renewable energy sources are in rural areas. By using renewable energy sources, rural areas will have the same convenience in getting power as areas that have been using fossil fuels. This will cause equitable development between urban and rural areas, and the cost to transport the energy can be reduced.

The increase of population causes an increase in demand for energy, therefore the demand for energy will be very high in 2025. Fossil fuels still become the primary source of energy. Fossil fuel reserves are estimated to last for more than 100 years. The existence of global warming, climate changes, and the decreasing amount of fossil fuel reserves are the reasons for using energy sources other than fossil fuels. Renewable energy sources will be the most effective solution for the energy problems. The reasons are:

2. Types of Renewable Energy Sources

2.1 Solar Energy

2.2 Wind Energy

2.3 Hydropower

2.4 Biomass Energy

2.5 Geothermal Energy

3. Advantages of Renewable Energy

3.1 Environmental Benefits

3.2 Energy Independence

3.3 Job Creation

4. Challenges in Adopting Renewable Energy

4.1 Cost and Affordability

4.2 Intermittency and Storage

4.3 Infrastructure Requirements

5. Government Policies and Incentives

5.1 Renewable Portfolio Standards

5.2 Feed-in Tariffs

5.3 Tax Credits and Subsidies

6. Future Outlook of Renewable Energy

6.1 Technological Advancements

6.2 Global Renewable Energy Targets

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