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Social Media Presence and Brand Trust of Cadbury Among Online Community Members

Social Media Presence and Brand Trust of Cadbury Among Online Community Members

1. Introduction

Cadbury is one such company that has a good social media presence and is trying to build brand trust among the community members. Since its parent company, Mondelez International, was launched and it has created a popular following through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, it has built a strong reputation as a happy and vibrant brand. In addition, by using digital and social media marketing strategies and campaigns, Cadbury (2013) has been able to sustain a strong presence in the confectionery market. From its early beginnings in Birmingham over 190 years ago, Cadbury’s has grown to become the second largest confectionery brand in the world. On the 19th of November 2019, it was announced that Twitter will be funding a new research project which will explore the role of digitally mediated discourse in influencing or facilitating aggression and anti-social behavior in UK primary school-age children. This has been taken to understand how to build and maintain good brand trust among the online community members through social media, and this has offered a taste of how social media has the potential to offer new insights into human behavior and to be used as a positive tool for understanding and preventing cyberbullying. The primary goal of the study is to increase the understanding and knowledge of the relationship between social media and brand trust, focusing on a specific case of Cadbury’s social media presence and brand trust among online community members. Meanwhile, this study also aims to provide insights and suggestions to marketing professionals and companies that are using social media marketing as a tool to build and maintain brand trust. Secondly, it is also important to raise awareness for young people who are using social media, to ensure the potential harmful impact of social media via digital technology can be minimized. This finding will contribute to the broader field of digital technology as Cadbury is using the latest new channels and features to reach out to their fans and is at the forefront of digital technology. For example, it has launched the first end-to-end supply chain which is implemented by the latest Microsoft cloud technology. This will expand our knowledge and understanding. Lucas et al. (2014) said that as more and more products, customers, and industries are using digital technology, as researchers, we need to constantly explore this fast-changing area. Moreover, the findings and recommendations will benefit the marketing team to develop a suitable and efficient social media campaign to help them build brand trust. Almond et al. (2016) said a successful social media marketing strategy and promotion leads to the highest return on investment. But before we can make any recommendations, it is significant and vital that the research is being done in a methodical and professional manner, using a variety of research approaches and perspectives to respond to the research aim and objectives. Social media nowadays is no longer just a place where a company can put their advertisements and products, but it is a strategic platform for them to build a brand community and engage with the community users. Brand trust, as a widely used and popular concept in the marketing area, generally refers to the consumer’s faith in the product and the quality the brand can provide, confirms Duffett (2015), and consumer trust in the brand can affect every stage of their purchase journey, as stated in the Digital 2019 report. So, brand trust can be created and maintained through strategic communication with the consumers, and one of the most effective ways to do this will be using social media, since it is inexpensive and goes straight to the consumer. By doing the research and using Cadbury as a case study, it is hoped that the findings will provide advanced understanding and knowledge on social media presence and brand trust, and will also pave the way for future research in the digital marketing area.

1.1 Background

From the late 1990s, the emergence of digital and social media has changed how organizations interact with their customers and stakeholders. All size organizations are using social media today. Social media has become part of organizations’ daily routines and activities such as developing products and brands, getting closer to the customer, providing better customer service, learning, reflecting, and improving their business, reputation, and image. Especially, social media is important for marketing. Due to the kind of demographics shown in Visi Industry, the organization chooses Twitter. As of August 2015, the number of active Twitter users reached over 100 million in the UK. Twitter is famous and widely used, as 71% of Twitter users use it for getting the news. It is 14% higher than other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This study aims to investigate the research topic using the latest quantitative and qualitative findings. The research findings are important for the organization to develop effective social media marketing strategies in customer engagement and brand building processes. This study has provided insightful findings in areas of how social media is important to Cadbury in building reputation and image, and in engaging and communicating with the customer. The accumulated literature review provided a theoretical foundation and empirical ground for the study. By combining three methods together, the researcher has achieved comprehensive and balanced findings. Due to the technology utility and big data availability, the researcher chose to use content analysis for the first part of the research. And then, a survey is used in order to investigate the public knowledge and perception of varying brand trust through social media. As a consequence, the organization of social media marketing engagement and the accumulation of existing trust are combined in strategy.

1.2 Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to examine the social media presence and brand trust of Cadbury among online community members. In particular, the research explores the following research questions: What is the social media presence of Cadbury and how does the company engage with online community members? What is brand trust and why is it important? What is the brand trust of Cadbury among online community members and how does the company utilize social media to build and maintain brand trust? What is the relationship between social media presence and brand trust? By addressing these research questions, this study aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the social media presence and brand trust of Cadbury among online community members. It also seeks to offer insights and recommendations for effective ways that companies can use social media to build brand trust and enhance relationships with consumers. This is significant because successful brand trust can lead to various positive consequences for a company, such as higher customer loyalty, positive word-of-mouth recommendations, and increased sales. Also, it is important for companies to be aware of the public perception of their brand in the social media landscape, as negative comments or crisis situations can spread quickly and damage brand trust. By using various modern social media channels with preference to the ability to reach consumers across digital channels, the company aims to get trust and loyalty from individuals and communities who follow the brand and who may be served by it. The research will also be significant to academics who study social media and marketing, as well as marketing professionals who are interested in using digital marketing tools to connect with consumers. By providing a comprehensive view into the social media strategies and practices of a well-known confectionery brand and the actual perception and brand trust of consumers in the online world, this study is expected to make a meaningful contribution to marketing theory and practice.

2. Social Media Presence of Cadbury

2.1 Overview of Cadbury’s Social Media Channels

2.2 Cadbury’s Social Media Strategy

2.3 Engagement with Online Community Members

3. Importance of Brand Trust

3.1 Definition of Brand Trust

3.2 Role of Brand Trust in Consumer Behavior

3.3 Impact of Brand Trust on Purchase Decisions

4. Cadbury’s Brand Trust Among Online Community Members

4.1 Cadbury’s Reputation and Trustworthiness

4.2 Consumer Perception of Cadbury’s Brand Trust

4.3 Factors Influencing Brand Trust in Cadbury

5. Relationship Between Social Media Presence and Brand Trust

5.1 Linking Social Media Presence and Brand Trust

5.2 Social Media Strategies to Build Brand Trust

5.3 Case Studies of Successful Brand Trust Building through Social Media

6. Methodology

6.1 Research Design

6.2 Data Collection Methods

6.3 Sample Selection

7. Findings and Analysis

7.1 Analysis of Cadbury’s Social Media Presence

7.2 Analysis of Brand Trust Among Online Community Members

7.3 Relationship Between Social Media Presence and Brand Trust

8. Discussion

8.1 Implications of Findings

8.2 Limitations of the Study

8.3 Suggestions for Further Research

9. Conclusion

9.1 Summary of Findings

9.2 Practical Implications

9.3 Recommendations for Cadbury’s Social Media Strategy


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