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The Impact of Information Systems on Society

The Impact of Information Systems on Society


The Role of Information Systems in Society: This essay would explore the broader impact of information systems on society. You could discuss how information systems have changed the way we communicate, learn, and work.


  1. Introduction

Information technology has hit society full force. No longer are corporations in the business of providing a product or service, they are now in the business of providing information. The latest and greatest information provides a competitive edge, and therefore greatly impacts the way business is done. Electronic storage of information has become the norm, and with this, information systems are born. The backbone of information systems is the concept of data. Data is a collection of raw, unstructured facts with little or no defined relationship to a given context. Capturing data is an easy task, but capturing the right data is a difficult task. Data technology is an industry that is skyrocketing. It is the skills that surround the capture, retention, use, and management of data. Data technology has a direct correlation on the effectiveness of information systems. Capturing the right data is a critical success factor. For example, it is not the consumers’ up-to-date weather conditions, but rather the airlines needing to know the weather conditions at an airport in which they have a flight scheduled. Data needs vary between organizations, and spending money on the capture of the right data can reap large rewards. With the right data in hand, it is then possible to manipulate the data to produce information. This involves the use of analytical models and query languages to assist in decision support. This is essentially using the information systems knowledge to automate a decision that would be made. Information produced from the right data can greatly influence an organization’s actions.

1.1 Definition of Information Systems

An information system “collects, processes, stores, analyses, and disseminates information for a specific purpose” (Laudon and Laudon, 1991:10). This in itself is quite a broad definition and there are many examples to try and also define what an information system is. Examples of information systems used are highly diverse ranging from very technical scientific systems using computing, sensors and networking, to more straightforward file-based systems. Intelligence systems are used by organizations to collect information for some purpose and to make the information easily accessible. An example of an information system that is widely used in today’s organizations can be a good old file hierarchy that is used in Windows. The system arranges documents stored on the disk by allowing the user to group files into a hierarchy of directories and sub-directories and also allows documents to be retrieved by saving the path name. Finally, there are the compute and automation systems. These systems are more complex and involve a greater degree of computing. An example of a compute system would be something like a complex database system with fire application to automate the generation of purchase orders.

Information systems can be looked at in a few ways ranging from their use, benefits and overall purpose. A great case can be made that they have become so intertwined with what we do that they have become a fundamental tool in the success and survival of organizations. The following will examine what an information system is, and the usefulness and functionality of this system in the modern business world. In doing so we will find out why information systems are so important to the operation and success of today’s organizations.

1.2 Importance of Information Systems in Society

The main reason why information systems are so important in the world of business today is because they provide a method for businesses to effectively use the information they gather. The general convenience and effectiveness of information systems is the key point on what really makes them important to businesses, as it’s a known fact that without them, the information gathered can only be of use to a certain extent, and in some cases not at all. An example of this would be from a previous personal experience working within an organization possessing somewhat of an information system based on an inventory management system. A manual method of data entry was mainly used, which the information gathered could only provide knowledge of what stock they had, and no indications of sales trends on certain products, or whether certain products were providing more revenue than others. Today, this organization still exists and has since implemented a more effective information system that would allow them to gather information and fully utilize it with an ongoing trend of data entry, providing greater success in the future from the conclusions that will be drawn from the information gathered today.

The importance of information systems in the world of business is a very essential part as well as a key player on whether organizations will be successful in their business ventures or not. For smaller businesses, the emphasis on more tactical systems, such as inventory control or systems for processing transactions, is a very high priority, which without, their business could take a turn for the worse. For larger organizations, the focus on more strategic information systems would be more geared towards a fully fledged system that can provide a series of information and an in-depth analysis of the information gathered. This is why no matter what kind of system an organization specifically wants to design and implement, the emphasis on the importance of information systems is essential in today’s business world.

  1. Communication

2.1 Evolution of Communication through Information Systems

2.2 Role of Information Systems in Social Media

2.3 Impact of Information Systems on Global Connectivity

  1. Learning

3.1 Transformation of Education with Information Systems

3.2 Online Learning Platforms and Information Systems

3.3 Access to Information and Knowledge

3.4 Gamification and Information Systems in Education

  1. Work

4.1 Automation and Efficiency in the Workplace

4.2 Collaboration and Information Systems

4.3 Remote Work and Information Systems

4.4 Data Analysis and Decision Making in Business

  1. Privacy and Security

5.1 Challenges of Information Systems in Privacy Protection

5.2 Cybersecurity and Information Systems

5.3 Ethical Considerations in Information Systems

  1. Conclusion

6.1 Recap of the Impact of Information Systems on Society

6.2 Future Trends and Implications

The Impact of Information Systems on Society

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