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The Relationship Between Television and Culture

The Relationship Between Television and Culture


  • Discuss the history of race/ethnicity as expressed in popular culture in general.
  • Define the audience for music and TV shows popular culture categories and explore whether social issue messaging and the audience has changed in any way. Consider whether the audience is local, global, or regional.
  • Discuss what each of your examples (Tv show and music) popular culture artifacts/expressions communicate regarding your issue.
  • Analyze how at least one additional social issue relates to at least one of your popular culture artifacts/expressions.
  • Analyze access and distribution limitations for each of your popular culture artifacts/expressions.
  • Determine whether or not access and distribution forces control content. Explain your reasoning.
  • Explain whether your popular culture artifacts/expressions send messages that define social values or provoke change.
  • Analyze how your example popular culture artifacts/expressions connect or do not connect with your personal values.

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