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The Role of Protein in Human Health and Nutritional Deficiencies

The Role of Protein in Human Health and Nutritional Deficiencies


What Are The Apparent Symptoms Of Those Deficiencies As Well As Less Visible Signs?

Discuss The Illnesses That Can Occur Due To Those Deficiencies And What Nutritious Foods Might a Nutritionist Recommend That Contain Macrominerals And Trace Minerals. Given The Complexities Of These Disorders, What Else Might The Nutrition Professional Need To Consider?

List At Least One Peer-Reviewed Study To Support Your Answer. What Other Supports Might a Person With An Eating Disorder Need?



Part A

Nutrients plays a very important role in the life of a human in maintaining proper health. These are vital for life and good health. There are broadly three macronutrients present in our food which are carbohydrates, proteins and fats (Kern & Mitmesser, 2018). All these nutrients have their own importance in the body but protein is important to build muscle. They are made up of amino acids which are said to be the building blocks of the muscle. Presence of protein in diet is also important as it not only helps in building the muscles but also are useful in repairing the muscles and the bones of our body. This paper demonstrates the role of protein in the food throughout the life span of an individual and also demonstrates the article which states about the role of protein in childhood and adolescence.

Protein is vital for energizing the body in a way that also improves the blood flow of the body. When an individual eats protein in his diet, then that protein gets breaks down in the form of amino acids, which helps the body to maintain various functions of the body. These amino acids form a chain in the body (Olaisen, et al., 2018). They are 20 different types of amino acids present. They different types of amino acids perform their different functions in the body. The function of protein in body is described in the various stages of life which are birth to childhood, childhood to adolescence, age of maturity, time of pregnancy and the ageing.

Birth to childhood: Nutrients from whole foods help improve health and rebuild and sustain the body. So, do essential fats from lean protein which also serves as an antioxidant (Bhutta, et al., 2017). In the body, proteins also act as enzymes, immune molecules, hormones and cellular messengers.

Childhood to adolescence: Adolescents’ requirement for protein is determined by the need for protein for sustaining the weight and the need for protein to create lean muscle. Protein is essential for the growth and improvement of the muscles at this age (Blois, et al., 2019).

Maturity: When a human enters in the age of maturity, the requirement of the body of protein becomes more because at this age there are more stressful periods. As people approach older age, their ability to metabolize protein is decreased, resulting in improvements to muscle mass and strength, bone health and other functions.

Pregnancy: Protein is essential for the growth of baby’s tissues and organs, including brain development (Koletzko, et al., 2019). In addition, it also supports breast and vaginal tissue development during breastfeeding. It also contributes to the growth of your baby by controlling the levels of hormones.

Old Age: People while aging, need more protein because as human began to age, they lose their muscle mass. At this age the major part of the muscle loses from the legs. Also, at this age, the reserve nutrients of the body are used by the body itself.

The need of protein in early childhood is very necessary to enhance the development of the body. For the research point of view, the dietary protein has been an important matter. It helps the children to enhance their height and weight. Protein is important for the child growth. Children need healthy and nutritious foods to nourish their wellbeing and protein is one of them. It is important for an infant’s development, maintenance and repair. Infant formula is safe for child’s health. Milk and dairy products provide children with essential nutrients such as protein and calcium.

Part B

Nervous anorexia, also called anorexia, is an abnormally low-leverage diet, an excessively low chance of weight gain, and a distorted perception of weight. Anorexia is often called anorexia. Anorexia’s are incredibly necessary to control their weight and form by employing radical efforts that seem to be somewhat at odds with their lives. Deprivations are related to physical signs and symptoms of anorexia nervosa (Murray, et al., 2019). Anorexia also entails social and behavioural issues, such as a negative perception of body weight and very high fear of gaining weight or overweight. Signs and signs may be challenging to see since the presumed low body weight is different with any individual and certain individuals do not look unbelievably tiny. People with anorexia also disguise slimness, nutritional patterns or physical difficulties. An individual would certainly think about the form and weight in bulimia. By the perceived faults you will judge yourself seriously and unfairly. It can be difficult to overcome, and it is synonymous with self-impression and not just food (Levinson, et al., 2017). Yet successful care will help you feel better, build healthy eating habits and turn major problems around. The basic symptoms in both the disorders are weakness, fatigue, breaking of hairs and in Bulmia the person can experience change in the weight. There are certain behavioural changes as well that can be seen in a person such as an Anorixic or person suffering with Bulmia may exhibit common emotional symptoms such as poor self-esteem, irritation, agitation, depression and anxiety.

Due to the deficiency of nutrients in person there are certain complications that can occur in an individual such as the person can be anaemic, heart problems, loss of bones and muscles, in females skipping the or delay in periods, in male loss of testosterone can be seen. The complications in the person suffering from Bulmia can be experiencing negative self-esteem and having problems with relations, severe decay of teeth due to calcium deficiency, having digestive problems, and misusing alcohol and drugs (Romano, et al., 2020). Treatment may focus on binge eating habits, weight, the appearance of the body, mental disorder or a combination. Cognitive therapies, cognitive psychotherapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, weight loss therapy and medicine are counselling techniques. This can be achieved personally, as a group or in a self-help form. This is possible. Some patients require only one method of therapy, others need to try multiple forms before finding the right fit. A healthcare practitioner should offer recommendations on the selection of an individual therapy strategy.


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The Role of Protein in Human Health and Nutritional Deficiencies


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