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What is Family? Family Definition Essay

What is Family? Family Definition Essay


  1. Introduction

The concept of family has always been one of the most important ideas in the human experience. Why? Because family has a significant and lasting impact on human life and well-being. It is one of, if not the most, influential variables that will shape a person’s development, and thus it becomes the most important factor that determines how a person will turn out. Family is the main catalyst for social, emotional and cognitive development. This is due both to the proximity of family relationships and the longevity, or stability, of these relationships. The fact that the impact of family on individual development is so strong raises the importance of defining family in terms of its makeup, function and how it contributes to the development of an individual. However, family today can be a confusing idea to pin down, to define in general, or even to see in a standard way. This is because family may be a relatively unexplored topic in a contemporary context, but it has long been a major social institution affecting our lives. More often than not, family is described as a social group made up of parents and their children, and this is what is covered by the definition provided in the Oxford English Dictionary. However, it is so easy to see many other results of human interactions with each other nature that all sway the definition a different way – in essence, it is society that defines what a family is. Even beyond our own experiences and opinions, there is opportunity to explore and make distinctions as to what is family in a global context including in comparison to family in other cultures. This broad concept of family according to Mendes, is categorized into a nuclear family and an extended family. The former consists of a married couple, and their own children as well, if there are any, met by occasional visits by close relatives, whereas the latter comprises three generations living in the same place and meet each other on a daily basis. This many possible variables now create division in how people define the family and thus, it might be a very general, outdated, or wrong kind of understanding to assume a terminological specificity. The purpose of this essay, therefore, is to explore and highlight the various underlying meanings of the much debated concept of family – providing a brief and broad explanation and evaluation of this complex topic that so many people and scholars have had so much to say about.

1.1. Definition of Family

Family is a fundamental social group in society and the child’s first introduction to the world. Not only is it the first and most natural society, but it is also the most significant cell of social life. Shepherding is another part of family because it is natural from the parent to our parents and then give the love to our child. However, this view highlights the positive power of family, but it can be argued that the positive and negative effects of family are not equal. Marriage is the foundation of family because the three of the children can be reduced the potential to have social problems, and the society can maintain stability as well. If marriage does not exist, the three may lead to the problem and it causes some changes in the structure of the society such as a descending trend on the birth rate, increasing the proportion of single parents, or decreasing the number of children per family. On the other hand, some people who are offered a different concept believe that individualism is more important for our life. The parents should give their children more freedom instead of waiting for the chance to give love. Most of the time, we are hearing the news of family abuse or the problem of family life. For example, the husband who is jobless might use alcoholism to release his tension and make him habitual of abusing, and the child who will have an insecure life. The recently available statistics about the number of women who die from the violence of family are increasing. The data, which has been taken from the police record, suggested that 62% of all violent arguments happen in the family. Every domestic argument will increase the potential for damage. It clearly shows that the problems of family affect the society in some ways. Every family is unique with different personalities, and they often refer to the conventional nuclear family. It consists of a married man and woman with a child or children. However, the important thing is that this traditional nuclear family enables the next generation to continue the tradition. Over time, different kinds of family forms have developed. It includes the extended family, such as the boy will live with his wife, his parents, and even his parents’ parents. The size of the family has reduced and fear of exposure of privacy. And there is a single-parent family, which consists of the parent and the child. It is because divorce has recently become the fashion in the modern world. Families are often the ones that are most subjected to the violence problem. The following paragraph will help us discuss the factors that lead to the problems of family.

1.2. Importance of Family

The phrase “Family is love” is a very good definition of what family is. Those words are from an enormous sensation that we experience when we bond with someone. We live with our parents and siblings from birth to death. If they smile, we smile. If they feel sad, we get sad. This is the magical touch of our parents and siblings. We want to see the next generation more productive and strong in physical and mental manners. If we develop a strong sense of commitment towards our responsibility, then it is 100% sure that we can easily transfer our problems to happiness. We learn from education how to become an energetic person in life, and there is a lot of education for children on how they are supposed to maintain their relationship with parents and other family members. When family is around us, it’s the happiest moment in our life because we are so close to people who love us and care for us. Our family encourages us to tackle and solve problems in life in the right way. When we see that our parents are always trying to bring happiness to us, then we feel relaxed and enjoy our life. When family provides good support, it can be easily seen how we relate to other things. For example, if we have a certain mindset and we know that our family is always on our side, then it is very easy to express our feelings. Our parents and family are a good way to learn about behavior because we do not spend most of our time with the most influential people in society. As far as health is concerned, we know very well that if our bond with family is strong, then in the case of illness, our family will provide maximum support. Our parents really play a very important role during our growing age, especially in our cognitive development through mutual conversation, playing, and reading. Family is important to every single human in the world. Every person needs someone in life whom they could trust and with whom they could share problems and express their feelings. The happiest moment in our life is when we give a smile to others, and it is so amazing when we see that the other person is smiling because of us. Family is love and a key to joy. Every individual is bonded with some family, and we learn about love, sacrifice, and helping others from our family. Whether it is our hobbies, work, sports, or games, we do them with more confident and satisfactory joy when done in isolation. When family provides support, it is a lot easier to chase our dreams because we know that our loved ones will never leave us alone in times of need.

  1. Types of Family Structures

2.1. Nuclear Family

2.2. Extended Family

2.3. Blended Family

2.4. Single-Parent Family

2.5. Same-Sex Family

  1. Roles and Responsibilities in a Family

3.1. Parental Roles

3.2. Sibling Relationships

3.3. Grandparent Roles

  1. Family Traditions and Customs

4.1. Cultural Traditions

4.2. Holiday Celebrations

4.3. Family Rituals

  1. Communication in the Family

5.1. Effective Communication Skills

5.2. Conflict Resolution

5.3. Active Listening

  1. Family Dynamics and Relationships

6.1. Parent-Child Relationship

6.2. Sibling Dynamics

6.3. Intergenerational Relationships

  1. Challenges and Issues in Families

7.1. Divorce and Separation

7.2. Parenting Challenges

7.3. Financial Struggles

  1. Support Systems for Families

8.1. Community Resources

8.2. Counseling and Therapy

8.3. Support Groups

  1. Family Values and Beliefs

9.1. Cultural and Religious Influences

9.2. Moral and Ethical Values

9.3. Passing on Family Values

  1. Changing Notions of Family

10.1. Modern Family Structures

10.2. LGBTQ+ Families

10.3. Adoption and Surrogacy

  1. The Future of Family

11.1. Evolving Definitions

11.2. Technology’s Impact on Family Life

11.3. Balancing Work and Family

What is Family? Family Definition Essay

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